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Christmas a time for family, fun and sharing   

  Christmas is a time for creative fun and if you are looking for gifts or decorations for the home please take a look at our Christmas products, you may be a keen crafter who is looking for a new project or you may want something to do with the children, something that can be kept for years to come and become part of your Christmas traditions.  Here at Redfern's we have created a range of Christmas gifts and decorations that are perfect to decorate your home

or they can be used for themed parties and events.


All products are supplied unpainted and suitable for painting by crafters, hobbyist, children, clubs.

We have also supplied pictures of painted items to give you an idea of what you can do with the product.

These items are cnc machine cut with a nice clean edge, there are no burn marks.

These items may vary in colour and may require a light sand or final preparation by the customer

and we recommend wearing a mask whilst sanding MDF.

Do not leave exposed to the weather, MDF products are for interior use only.

You can design and paint these with the children to get them in the Christmas spirit.

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