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Halloween decoration Enter At Your Own Risk plaque 18mm mdf  Dimensions width 270mm x height 290mm

Halloween decoration Enter At Your Own Risk plaque

Our Enter At Your Own Risk plaque is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor. Made of 18mm MDF, this unpainted plaque features bold, eye-catching lettering that will send shivers down your guests' spines. Measuring 270mm in width and 290mm in height, this plaque is sure to make a statement. Please note that the specified dimensions are based on the longest dimension from top/bottom or left/right. Get ready to spook your visitors with this eerie Halloween decoration
  • Product information

    These items are cnc machine cut with a nice clean edge, there are no burn marks like the laser cut ones

    These items may vary in colour and may require a light sand or final preparation by the crafter

    The mdf items are easy to paint, colour may vary

    These are perfect gifts for Halloween, used to decorate your home or for themed parties and events

    You can design and paint these with the children to get them in the Halloween spirit.

    They are lightweight so they can be hung or fixed on the wall

    All our items are manufactured to order on site at our family run business premises, we take pride in all our work which guarantees you receive a quality product

    Do not leave exposed to the weather in it’s raw state, use exterior varnish or exterior paint to finish

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